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Pitching Stats Spring 2019

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1William Lindholm ('20) Scouting ProfilePP331180018.011532960.390.78
2Cole Fryman ('20) Scouting ProfileTA540060028.0421524810.500.82
3Daylon Richard ('20) Scouting ProfileHCBD841090040.112324513130.521.36
4Colby Livingston ('19) Scouting ProfileBTW220081024.0521310210.580.63
5Hunter Pierson ('21) Scouting ProfileEG541291134.01332830320.620.91
6Carter McCauley ('22) Scouting ProfilePCC430050020.1529171350.691.08
7Stone Bailey ('19) Scouting ProfileSWS320250019.0326201700.741.21
8Robert Sherlock ('20) Scouting ProfileBTW5321101137.220430291570.741.19
9Will Collins ('20) Scouting ProfileAM401160026.17313271530.801.06
10Seth Killam ('19) Scouting ProfileNC8500122051.117634701340.820.92
11Tekoah Roby ('20) Scouting ProfilePFE9630105457.115732881060.850.73
12Aden Cooper ('19) Scouting ProfileHCBD7444153154.11874442660.900.92
13Jared Riddell ('21) Scouting ProfilePFE550191031.0642730200.900.94
14Brice Dillmore ('19) Scouting ProfileLCB542071028.27414631450.980.98
15Caleb Granger ('21) Scouting ProfileNFC1220110019.043722421.110.58
16Brandon Walker ('19) Scouting ProfileNFC11820123163.0221039883821.111.22
17Jason Roberts ('20) Scouting ProfilePFE650294242.210731381431.151.05
18Michael Byers ('19) Scouting ProfileAM231070018.0631514921.171.33
19Luke Boykin ('20) Scouting ProfileNE311050022.2941323821.240.93
20Josh Butts ('19) Scouting ProfilePSJ540061028.06516341031.250.93
21Brayden Gainey ('19) Scouting ProfileMD9700101043.216841451031.281.17
22Ty Kirchharr ('19) Scouting ProfilePP750081137.2127234015101.301.01
23Jaden Rudd ('21) Scouting ProfileMD5412100024.012518261131.461.21
24Brandon Sproat ('19) Scouting ProfilePP752072032.013714531761.530.97
25Tanner Levins ('19) Scouting ProfileNC9631146261.2281460331651.591.23
26Nick Venable ('19) Scouting ProfileNC4441130026.122626371251.591.44
27Taylor Collier ('19) Scouting ProfileSWS8420101142.2151024441541.640.91
28Tyler Peterson ('20) Scouting ProfileMD0303150029.07716351161.690.93
29Caleb Summerlin ('21) Scouting ProfileMP5331150032.227823341191.711.04
30Ryan Pettys ('19) Scouting ProfileMD13830133265.0241650973961.721.37
31Major Posey ('19) Scouting ProfileNFC751073236.01392742961.751.00
32Jacob Heironimus ('21) Scouting ProfileWB8421111041.2141127432781.851.30
33Matthew Cope ('20) Scouting ProfilePCC8601103137.0181043231021.891.43
34Brandon Davis ('19) Scouting ProfileEG523082029.015820311121.931.07
35Riley Borgert ('20) Scouting ProfileMCC330042121.1861325401.970.80
36Nick Ferrara ('19) Scouting ProfileLT623062027.214819301362.021.16
37John Gillis ('19) Scouting ProfileCB752072136.2191122551982.101.12
38Will Browne ('19) Scouting ProfileEG642093140.1161328511722.261.12
39Aiden Keenan ('20) Scouting ProfileSWS7610130047.1221619882732.370.97
40Tyler Borges ('19) Scouting ProfileLL651072132.1151127221422.381.27
41Nathaniel Johnson ('20) Scouting ProfileHCBD3120110022.013814331432.551.27
42Avery McNair ('19) Scouting ProfileEG3101100024.214920221102.551.26
43Court Connally ('20) Scouting ProfilePCC440051119.01071820532.581.21
44Cade Watson ('20) Scouting ProfileSWS5153120028.2221129492202.691.78
45Shawn Snyder ('19) Scouting ProfileLT531072123.117919241712.701.54
46Aaron Schlipp ('20) Scouting ProfileCB724071035.2271432341512.751.32
47Marquise Butts ('20) Scouting ProfileBTW621080027.1151128241842.821.68
48Trevor Hanselman ('21) Scouting ProfileNFC4310140024.2161023312642.841.99
49Ranger Brock ('19) Scouting ProfileHCBD6321121037.02415382910122.841.30
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