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Pitching Stats Spring 2020

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1Jason Roberts ('20) Scouting ProfilePFE330031118.040629600.000.67
2Drake Roberts ('20) Scouting ProfileSWS11002008.24029410.000.69
3Wilson Perkins ('21) Scouting ProfileNE220151011.210611320.000.77
4Cooper Smith ('21) Scouting ProfileLCT330040016.0301011200.000.75
5Ian Ladieu ('20) Scouting ProfileEG220032117.150811100.000.52
6Sam Shackle ('20) Scouting ProfileTA01003008.000213610.001.00
7Ben Wiggins ('20) Scouting ProfileMB421041020.1428181020.690.89
8Jackson McKenzie ('23) Scouting ProfilePP421041019.2628391020.710.92
9Dylan Keith ('21) Scouting ProfileCB330142019.072924700.740.84
10Trevor Hanselman ('21) Scouting ProfileNFC440051118.042920800.780.94
11Christian Ford ('20) Scouting ProfileNE320040016.2425211120.840.96
12Allen Willis ('20) Scouting ProfileWCS22003008.011611300.881.13
13Jordan Jarman ('21) Scouting ProfileTA10112008.05161210.881.00
14Seth Goodwin ('20) Scouting ProfileNE11003007.03158601.001.57
15Timmy Williams ('20) Scouting ProfilePFE01003007.02145211.000.86
16Justin Martin ('20) Scouting ProfileMP431040019.17316191141.091.40
17Harrison Sadberry ('22) Scouting ProfileMB211041112.232818621.111.11
18Tommy Mills ('20) Scouting ProfileLT020050012.222910611.111.18
19Chase Stanhope ('20) Scouting ProfileWFJ431041122.2741628511.240.93
20Andrew Penney ('21) Scouting ProfileLL220050017.03310141001.241.18
21Cade Watson ('20) Scouting ProfileSWS332160022.19414431021.251.07
22Caleb Summerlin ('21) Scouting ProfileMP002170011.0421010611.271.45
23Hunter Pierson ('21) Scouting ProfileEG421042121.21041722221.290.88
24Sammy Radabaugh ('21) Scouting ProfileWWE110030010.232115311.311.31
25Jayden Burns ('21) Scouting ProfileLT110040010.04266111.400.70
26Trenton Langley ('20) Scouting ProfileWWE422040015.01131420301.401.13
27Josiah Glodfelter ('0) Scouting ProfileTA410040019.2641429311.420.86
28Jared Riddell ('21) Scouting ProfilePFE21103009.04288201.561.11
29Zayn Bates ('21) Scouting ProfilePCC211050012.2831215811.661.58
30Logan Thacker ('21) Scouting ProfileWB11103008.16267321.681.08
31Eric Parker ('23) Scouting ProfileMAC212041012.173912941.701.46
32Lucas Lorenzo ('20) Scouting ProfileLCT21103008.03254721.751.50
33Will Merrix ('22) Scouting ProfileLCT110051112.053561001.751.25
34Aiden Keenan ('20) Scouting ProfileSWS520051123.27613411911.771.35
35Luke Koon ('21) Scouting ProfileRR11004007.27287431.831.57
36Dallas Tease ('21) Scouting ProfileNFC421050018.211516291011.881.39
37Beau Foreman ('21) Scouting ProfileBT203050014.01141413802.001.57
38Jaiten Salono ('21) Scouting ProfileFWB00003007.06258522.001.43
39Jack Murphy ('20) Scouting ProfileFHS222050016.010512311132.191.44
40Brady Browning ('21) Scouting ProfileACA431060012.21048221232.211.58
41Nathan Oswald ('20) Scouting ProfilePT101030012.21241613322.211.50
42Nathan Kelley ('21) Scouting ProfileMD00006009.183816532.251.39
43Cole Fryman ('20) Scouting ProfileTA203140012.1541118432.271.22
44Parker Wakeman ('20) Scouting ProfileLT312030012.05487712.331.25
45Zack Opperman ('20) Scouting ProfileRR220031014.29512111012.391.50
46Ryker Chavis ('23) Scouting ProfileMAC421051123.1981728912.401.11
47Kylen Baesman ('20) Scouting ProfileEG210030011.2841110512.401.37
48Brandon Miller ('21) Scouting ProfilePP220040011.254610412.400.86
49Court Connally ('20) Scouting ProfilePCC112040011.28488822.401.37
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