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1Bryson Horne (S) BT9035444915176208.489.580.911
2Austin Garofalo (S) SWS974347431111511176.485.5661.082
3Brennan Vasquez (S) MP63830126070237.476.638.905
4Bennett Shell (J) PP7441351951313217.473.604.689
5Garrett Mathes () LCT81223820100321811.469.570.704
6Matthew Estrada (S) PCC96364434835101212.458.534.760
7Jacob Estes (S) WCS7335332711202277.452.512.658
8Carl Gindl (S) PCC96454335120512109.448.509.729
9Dominick Miller (J) EG853038188115106.447.539.600
10Brice Dillmore (So) LCB431119110000116.442.544.442
11Aiden Driscoll-Sadusky (So) WCS501522232217161.440.608.620
12Jacob Dempsey (S) WCS5826252480117158.431.553.621
13Cole Moore (J) PCC5842513401155.431.485.552
14Trey Mitchell (S) MCC79143421300101013.430.511.468
15Nic Nolan (J) NE873237231101201211.425.519.586
16Jaren Lawhon (S) WCS552223245021367.418.485.618
17Dalton Messick (S) BB792033167002276.418.566.506
18Jake Nemith (S) PP7615312760601514.408.520.724
19Donovan Benoit (S) PCC86233538110751717.407.495.779
20Justin Kelly (J) MD9123373811121139.407.505.615
21Jacob Burke (S) EG7416301151051113.405.511.500
22Baze Clark (S) SWS4210176300269.405.479.476
23Kade Chattwood (S) SP10037401171071417.400.496.490
24Ryan Yeager (S) MD8536342710068215.400.527.729
25Jesse Sherrill (J) TA601824122003118.400.526.433
26Jaebion Mitchell (J) MCC7026281141071911.400.553.486
27Jaxson Ridley (J) BT832533248204186.398.523.542
28Brett Robertson (J) MD7325291771231214.397.511.603
29Tyler Olah () LCT7715301812110717.390.484.610
30Alex Gonzalez (S) LCB7716302881441010.390.467.675
31Brandon Walker (So) NFC7823302482291714.385.524.615
32Quentin Sampson (S) NC782230123011289.385.462.462
33JD Tease (So) NFC99123832613759.384.419.556
34Nick Zabelle () WFJ89133419510587.382.430.461
35Logan Blackmon (S) TA7622292660542119.382.538.658
36Josh Neese (S) NC6323247200899.381.506.413
37Dylan Watkins () GT6326249711101012.381.494.571
38Peyton Bennett (S) WCS5034191242114165.380.562.600
39Devin Stabler (S) NC451817640012510.378.444.467
40Kentrell Parker (So) WB7222279510181014.375.452.472
41Chandler Lowery (S) NC6415248100659.375.423.391
42Kyler Hultgren (J) TA67125191100118.373.468.418
43Josiah Miller (So) LT92283428915131725.370.513.652
44Devin Whitehead (S) PCC7113261930051710.366.479.408
45Jalen Kenner (J) SP77302815500112215.364.532.429
46Benton Walker (S) LH5513201011021015.364.478.418
47Chase Miles (So) SWS581521223255913.362.444.741
48Dilan Lawson (So) MCC861831347125411.360.379.535
49Andrew Bates (S) PP7527272410681911.360.490.613
50Parker Aultman (So) GT67202425612529.358.397.567
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