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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Brayden Gainey (J) Scouting ProfileMD131000133270.017852511330.800.93
2Chad Corriveau (S) Scouting ProfileLT2323130029.2942029820.940.94
3Cole Moore (S) Scouting ProfilePCC432381125.111516281431.381.18
4Shawn Snyder (J) Scouting ProfileLT7521100034.212727301911.411.33
5Trey LaFleur (J) Scouting ProfileTA431162223.21157381821.481.06
6Chance Huff (S) Scouting ProfileNE11910113249.1161120773191.561.03
7Hunter Hansill (S) Scouting ProfileNE1210110021.214514271521.621.34
8Noah Bailey (S) Scouting ProfileNE321190021.211511301851.621.34
9Major Posey (J) Scouting ProfileNFC9801140045.1151233502061.851.17
10Brandon Sproat (J) Scouting ProfilePP11941151049.11914247225211.990.99
11Christian McCullough (So) Scouting ProfilePP4402151038.01211214713142.030.89
12Hunter Kruger (J) Scouting ProfileCI5232110029.114923301142.151.16
13Hunter Chipman (S) Scouting ProfilePCC7520113244.0171433381932.231.18
14Tekoah Roby (So) Scouting ProfileBTW634073137.2201231511462.231.19
15Brandon Walker (J) Scouting ProfileNFC11920151059.1261931963552.241.11
16Harrison Dorsett (J) Scouting ProfileNE8700101140.11613225024102.261.14
17Camaron Rohling (S) Scouting ProfilePP420081121.1871819322.300.98
18Jaden Rudd (F) Scouting ProfileMD320080026.111922311142.391.25
19Griffin Reedy (S) Scouting ProfilePCC862082037.0191338311182.461.32
20Billy Price (S) Scouting ProfileNFC4501100022.2981830842.471.15
21Matthew Dickey (S) Scouting ProfileNFC2200141122.28813421922.471.41
22Nick Ferrara (J) Scouting ProfileLT732090033.2191237332162.501.72
23Evan Dominguez (S) Scouting ProfilePCC320291022.09818201342.551.41
24Seth Etienne (J) Scouting ProfileMD642071028.2161126331042.691.26
25Clete Hertzog (J) Scouting ProfileMD4322100025.1181022372502.761.86
26Cole Fryman (So) Scouting ProfileTA421270027.2121119171582.781.23
27Ty Kirchkarr (J) Scouting ProfilePP8510122142.2282033462383.281.31
28Colton Biggs (J) Scouting ProfileCI131090019.2121017171323.561.53
29Dawson Miller (S) Scouting ProfileBTW322061019.0141023151053.681.74
30Ryan Greene (S) Scouting ProfileTA330060018.212101361343.751.39
31Kevin Kelly (S) Scouting ProfileCI5220100029.2372743381836.372.06
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Mosley Dolphins (22-5)
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Pace Patriots (22-6)
7:00 PM
Rickards Raiders (19-10)
7:00 PM
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