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1Matthew Estrada (S) Scouting ProfilePCC320270021.2228251110.650.88
2Trey LeFleur (So) Scouting ProfileTA540080027.13319431440.771.21
3Nicky Agosto (S) Scouting ProfileMD121010152271.211845652290.780.93
4Adam Richards (S) Scouting ProfileSWS13921143166.017848622240.851.06
5Brennan Vasquez (S) Scouting ProfileMP7622112043.296185813120.960.71
6Hunter Viets () Scouting ProfileBTW9521122058.1271045632071.201.11
7Bailey Newkirk (J) Scouting ProfileWCS641070022.215413271351.241.15
8Gabe Nelson (J) Scouting ProfilePB11740126151.029941521231.241.04
9Nick Standriff (S) Scouting ProfileLT0211120021.0641630921.331.19
10Major Posey (So) Scouting ProfileNFC7410110036.213723281621.341.06
11Matthew Boswell (S) Scouting ProfileNE4611122140.21283451821.381.03
12Trey Mitchell (S) Scouting ProfileMCC10722174355.2171140752561.381.17
13JD Tease (So) Scouting ProfileNFC4441132035.01572924831.401.06
14Matthew Dickey (J) Scouting ProfileNFC3231181037.214813713811.491.35
15Michael Cullen (S) Scouting ProfileMD3312151032.2972538511.500.92
16Devin Hemenway (S) Scouting ProfileNE11630123255.2161235672131.511.01
17Austin Pollack (S) Scouting ProfileLT151030154477.2201839912961.620.88
18Griffin Reedy (J) Scouting ProfilePCC661080029.21372626941.651.18
19Dylan Barrett (J) Scouting ProfileLT531190029.21072128901.651.01
20Ty Kirchkarr (So) Scouting ProfilePP8620112141.11710293619141.691.16
21Zach Taylor (S) Scouting ProfileLT10900123061.0271549491851.721.10
22Garrett McKee (S) Scouting ProfileMD6500104138.213102335251.810.65
23Grant Hathaway (S) Scouting ProfileBB11360114165.2341756703101.811.32
24Garrett Mathes () Scouting ProfileLCT8510100037.2141036471241.861.27
25J.C. Carrell (S) Scouting ProfilePCC11800133256.0231546512741.881.30
26Jacob Estes (S) Scouting ProfileWCS7602122133.01192245851.910.91
27Dylan Bass (J) Scouting ProfileMCC231080022.0961719831.911.14
28Drew Herring (J) Scouting ProfileMCC11540133153.2211551333231.961.55
29Brandon Walker (So) Scouting ProfileNFC11610121152.2241535733151.991.25
30Tyler Lehrmann (S) Scouting ProfileLL10730104059.1231744653032.011.25
31Zack Varnum (S) Scouting ProfilePB532180020.21361329892.031.02
32Gabe Castro (J) Scouting ProfileTA9912175065.12919494518192.041.03
33Taylor Collier (So) Scouting ProfileSWS4420121134.1241027281412.041.19
34John Michael Jones (S) Scouting ProfileFHS9830112048.0271435412662.041.27
35Quint Rayburn () Scouting ProfileWFJ8341163051.12215383722112.051.17
36Chance Huff (J) Scouting ProfileNE9510111040.0151221633032.101.28
37Marquez Oates (S) Scouting ProfileBT14750144070.24622651082962.181.33
38Brandon Sproat (So) Scouting ProfilePP741080035.01811203828132.201.37
39Alex Gonzalez (S) Scouting ProfileLCB8341110037.0311231442552.271.51
40Tyreek Summer (S) Scouting ProfileBT9620111049.0261648491732.291.33
41Chi Chi Purcell (J) Scouting ProfileLH4220111033.1131136271152.311.41
42Logan McGuffey (S) Scouting ProfileTA10830123157.02219446021142.331.14
43Donovan Benoit (S) Scouting ProfilePCC5221121130.0161022281892.331.33
44Bryan Hamilton (S) Scouting ProfileSP622090023.121821313062.402.19
45Hunter Johnson (S) Scouting ProfileLCB423091126.020927171332.421.54
46Kade Chattwood (S) Scouting ProfileSP5530141043.13115264223112.421.13
47Zach McKnight (J) Scouting ProfileMP7422141149.0221734642182.431.12
48Dawson Miller () Scouting ProfileBTW9440114053.1361954211642.491.31
49Kyle Gilmore (So) Scouting ProfileBB4320101036.0231342181602.531.61
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